Overview of MyTaxBreak Online Offer in Compromise Program

Once you've paid your subscription fee you will be able to access the full MyTaxBreak website and all of it's featurs which include:


Online Offer in Compromise (OIC) Preparation Tool

The OIC Preparation Tool follows a question and answer format similar to online tax preparation programs. Each question includes guidance written by John Claudell, a tax attorney with over a decade of experience preparing and negotiating tax settlements with the IRS. This guidance will detail exactly what information is being requested and give professional tips on how to maximize your savings through the IRS Offer in Compromise program.  Once the survey is completed, you click submit and the program will complete and deliver all of the paperwork necessary for you to submit your OIC to the IRS, including detailed instructions on how to compile, execute and file your OIC.  You will be able to generate, save and print all of these directly from your own computer:

1.  Form 656 Offer in Compromise Application

2.  Form 433-A (OIC) Personal Collection Information (Personal Financial Statement)

3.  Filing Instructions, including how to assemble the Offer in Compromise application, what supporting documents to include, how to choose the payment option that's best for you and where to mail your Offer in Compromise application.


The MyTaxBreak OIC Program is way more than a form Preparation Tool.  The program has built into it the IRS's rules and standards for the OIC program and will automatically apply them to your benefit.  For example, you are not required to claim the full value of your personal assets when submitting an Offer in Compromise tax settlement.  The MyTax Break Offer in Compromise tool will automatically reduce the values of each asset to the lowest amount allowed for each type of asset.  These features and many more will ensure that your tax settlement through the Offer in Compromise program is as low as possible.

The goal of the Online Offer in Compromise Preparation Tool is to correctly prepare the necessary forms to submit a tax settlement to the IRS.  This means that you will be offering them the lowest amount allowed based on the IRS's own rules.   The assistance does not end there...


MyTaxBreak Knowledge Center

In addition to access to the OIC preparation program you will receive unlimited access to MyTaxBreak.com’s Knowledge Center written by Tax Attorney John Claudell.  You can review his credentials here:  Attorney Profile.  The articles within the Knowledge Center detail how the IRS Offer in Compromise program works, the timelines involved, what you can expect from the IRS each step of the way and how to respond.  It's broken down into three main parts: 

Prior to Submitting the Offer in Compromise:  Includes everything you need to do prior to filing your OIC to make sure the IRS accepts your tax settlement proposal for processing.

Preparing the Offer in Compromise:  Includes an overview of the documentation you will need to collect prior to starting the OIC Preparation Tool and how best to present this documentation to the IRS in a clear and easily understood format.

Negotiating the Offer in Compromise:  Includes detailed directions on how you should respond to each IRS letter or request, including professional tips on what documents to request from the IRS so you can see exactly what their position is prior to responding to any of their requests. 


MyTaxBreak Ask John/FAQs

If the Knowledge Center does not have the specific answer to the question you have, you will also be able to post specific questions to the Ask John/FAQs and all questions will be answered by Tax Attorney, John Claudell  This will be extremely valuable to you as you work through the IRS Offer in Compromise program because each person's specific situation is different and it's impossible to antipate each IRS response.  You can also search and review previous poster's questions and answers.


Summary of MyTaxBreak Online Offer in Compromise Program

The goal of the MyTaxBreak Offer in Compromise Program is to provide to the user all of the tools necessary to successfully submit and receive an Offer in Compromise tax settlement at the lowest amount possible.  These tools include a program to correctly complete the required forms and access to one of the country's best Offer in Compromise tax attorney's knowledge and 12 years experience negotiating tax settlements.


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