The answer is yes and here is why.  You either qualify or you don't.  It's strictly a financial review where the IRS is looking at your assets, income and expenses.  There are no magical negotiation skills required.  The "tax resolution" industry has spent millions on creating a image that their tax professionals are the only ones that can do this for you.  That because they are seasoned OIC negotiators or ex-IRS employees they have an inside track to settling your taxes.  It's simply not true.  The IRS OIC program was originally created so that taxpayers could prepare and file their own OIC applications.  

There certainly are rules and procedures that you do need to be aware of when preparing and filling out your tax settlement proposal but it's nothing you could not learn spending a day or two on the IRS website.  The MyTaxBreak program has all of these built into it and is designed so that an individual without any tax knowledge can create a professional quality OIC application without spending hours learning about the program.  Furthermore if you do run into a question or an issue that you're not sure how to handle you can always e-mail it to us and an experienced tax attorney will respond to it within 24 hours.  

So with a little help from the MyTaxBreak program you can negotiate your own Offer in Compromise at the lowest amount possible without spending thousands of dollars in unnecessary "tax resolution" fees.

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