Your Problem

You need to file an Offer in Compromise to settle your back tax debts but you can't afford the $4,000 to $6,000 a qualified tax professional will charge to handle this for you.  You've also heard the horror stories about "Tax Resolution" firms collecting large fees and not providing the services promised.  You would like the peace of mind and savings that would come from handling this yourself but you're concerned you don't have the necessary tax knowledge to complete your own tax settlement.  

Your Answer

The MyTaxBreak Offer In Compromise Program was developed by John Claudell a tax attorney with over 12 years experience negotiating tax debt settlements with the IRS.  John felt that there should be a lower cost alternative for those most in need of a tax break.  The MyTaxBreak program gives the customer the advantage of having a powerful OIC Completion tool and an experienced tax professional in their corner.  The MyTaxBreak OIC Program is a step by step program that includes the following:


Offer in Compromise Preparation Program 

Similar to online tax preparation programs it's built on a question and answer format.  You answer straight forward questions after reviewing easy to understand explanations.  Once you've completed all of the questions the program completes and delivers all of the forms necessary to submit your tax settlement proposal to the IRS including detailed instructions on how to file it.


Access to the MyTaxBreak Knowledge Center

Access to 12 years tax attorney's experience negotiating Offer in Compromise Tax Settlements.  Practical tips and direction for you every step of the way, from what you need to do prior to submitting your Offer in Compromise to how to work with the IRS settlement officer assigned to your case.  You will know what to expect and what to do every step of the way.


Access to the MyTaxBreak Ask John/FAQ Section

Anytime a question or issue comes up that you don't know how to handle just submit your question through the AskJohn/FAQ or e-mail and you will receive an answer within 24 hours written by an experienced tax attorney.




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